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$1000 from Wendy B.

$50 from Jeanne K.

$1000 from Mirissa C.

$100 from Maryann Z.

$50 from Abby Z. in memory of Mike Casey

$500 from Colleen C.

$150 from Russell & Jean H.

$200 from Robert G.

$50 from Carolyn B. in memory of Michael Casey

$250 from Richard C.

$50 from Eric B.

$50 from Randal L.

$100 from Margot R. in honor of Mike Casey

"We'll be walking with you in Boston!"

$100 from Patricia S.

$500 from Colleen C. in memory of Mike Casey

"love from Liam and Katie"

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Goal: $2500.00
Raised: $4150.00

Progress 100%

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