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 We are truly grateful for the invaluable support of all at Saint Peter’s ALS Regional Center. Although we are unable to participate in the event on October 19th, we hope you will walk with us “in spirit” by making a donation. Your generosity will help our ALS community receive services and advance research. We are blessed by your kindness.

Many thanks!

Lisa and Dave

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$500 from Lynda michel Z.

$50 from Anthony and Brenda R.

"With all our love."

$25 from MaryAnn U.

$50 from Terri C.

$25 from David & Margie J.

$100 from Carol A S.

$25 from Sue T. in COH

"Let's Fight This, Lisa and Dave!"

$50 from Heather C.

"Love you guys.."

$100 from Melissa C.

"Sending love."

$50 from Maureen, Beth and Elena F.

$100 from Ann D.

"I am keeping hope in my heart."

$25 from Rose C.

"For Dave and others keep up the fight"

$10 from Suzanne and Craig M.

"Sending love and healing"

$50 from Jaclyn S.

$50 from Diane O.

$200 from Donna L.

"Sending love to Dave and his star caregiver, Lisa! Appreciative of the support St. Peter’s provides!"

$50 from Jon F.

$50 from Stephanie F.

"Love you!!!"

$100 from ATL L.

$100 from Michael L.

$25 from Anonymous

$100 from Jan, Kevin and Anthony G.

"God bless both of you!"

$25 from Grace J.


$25 from Natalie J.

"I love yall❤️"

$250 from Lori & Dan J.

"We love you!!"

$50 from Daniel L.

$100 from Lisa S.

"Walking in spirit!"

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